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US abortion debate doesn't weigh on Vernon pro-life rally

US abortion debate doesn't weigh on Vernon pro-life rally
Organizers of an anti-abortion rally in Vernon say the re-emergence of the issue in U.S. politics has added no urgency to their protests.

leak, found 44 per cent of Canadians believe abortion should be legal under any circumstances, down four points since 2020.More than a third (37 per cent, up one point) say abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances, while 10 per cent (down two points) think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances." Music and prayers were offered at the solemn ceremony, which attracted about 30 people.It was one of many across the country co-ordinated with a large March for Life rally outside Parliament in Ottawa today.

Melesko said she doesn't foresee any change in abortion law in Canada despite the debate south of the border ."The urgency has always been there," Lydia Melesko of Vernon & Area Pro Life said at the noon-hour rally at the cenotaph, Thursday.

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