ahram.org.eg 11 Jun, 2021 18:15 am

UPDATED: G-7 nations gather to pledge 1B vaccine doses for world

G7 leaders will pivot Friday from opening greetings and a `family photo directly into a session on `Building Back Better From COVID-19

That includes a pledge from US President Joe Biden to share 500 million doses, and a promise from Johnson for another 100 million shots.That commitment was on top of 80 million doses Biden has already pledged to donate by the end of June.Johnson said the first 5 million UK doses would be shared in the coming weeks, with the remainder coming over the next year.`` Macron said France would share at least 30 million doses globally by year's end.

The remaining 300 million doses would be shipped in the first half of 2022.The alliance has distributed just 81 million doses globally and parts of the world, particularly in Africa, remain vaccine deserts.

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