World Socialist Web Site 25 Mar, 2021 05:00 am

United Workers Union isolating McCormick Foods Australia strike

United Workers Union isolating McCormick Foods Australia strike
The union is seeking to limit opposition to a picket outside the factory, while begging management to “sit down” with UWU officials and “make a fair offer.”

” The UWU is reprising the role it played at Coles’ Smeaton Grange warehouse in southwestern Sydney.” As at Smeaton Grange, the UWU officials responded with intense hostility to the presence of WSWS reporters and Socialist Equality Party (SEP) campaigners at the picket.The officials were particularly opposed to any discussion of their recent betrayal at Smeaton Grange.In a striking expression of the contempt for workers among the privileged officials, one UWU organiser took exception to the WSWS’s exposure of the refusal of the union to provide the Smeaton Grange staff with strike pay during the lockout.

The union is calling for a “no” vote on a company ballot next week, as it did in the early stages of the Smeaton Grange dispute.He was similarly featured at a UWU event for the Smeaton Grange dispute last December, right at the point when the union was dropping its wage claim, adopting the company’s demands and preparing to impose a sell-out.

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