Ghanaian Times ghanaiantimes.com.gh 24 Nov, 2021 11:30 am

Unemployed man in court for allegedly possessing fake US dollars

Marfo allegedly used the fake US dollar notes to purchase motorcycles from Mr Mawuli Aye, the complainant.Chief InspPobeesaid accused asked the complainant to accompany him to Tudu, Accra, to change the dollar notes into cedis and pay him.The court heard that when they arrived at Tudu, accused attempted to abscond, but he was grabbed by the complainant and handed over to the police with his bag containing 46 100 US dollar notes, suspected to be counterfeit.Chief Insp Pobee said ” the dollar notes were taken to the Bank of Ghana for certification, and it was proven that the dollar notes were fake”.

Chief Insp Pobee said “At the time, Moses met the complainant, he was having a black backpack and made the compliant aware that there was enough money in it for payment of the goods so he should not be afraid.Chief Insp Pobee said the complaint, after handing accused over to the police, returned to Mile 7 where the motorcycles were being offloaded, but he could not find any of the motorcycles.

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