27 Jan, 2021 05:45 am

Uganda: Bobi Wine and the Birth of Regional Politics

Opinion - To the end of the 2021 Presidential Election, we have come and so too, to the beginning of a very contentious issue. A sensation was caused by a first time presidential candidate, who has been in elective politics from only 2017.

On top of sweeping the votes in the central region, which has traditionally voted for the ruling NRM party, NUP came with 61 MPs nationwide.Worse still, NUP has no MP in this area yet Museveni's NRM got many in the central region.Museveni spent a lot of money on especially the youth in the central region in skilling, equipping carpentry shops, donating sewing machines, boat engines, car washing equipment, financing Saccos etc.But it would be risky for the NRM to take shelter and find solace in the tribalism argument as the cause of their predicament in the central region.

It is still in the central region that most of the land grabbing that has taken place, has left many people landless and on the brink of poverty.Second, we wait to see if in these regions, particularly Bugisu, Teso, Acholi, Lango and West Nile, de facto regional leaders will rise with a block political base like Bobi Wine appears to be and have at the moment in the central region.

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