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Uganda: Arrest of LGBTQ lawyer seen as 'politically motivated'

Uganda: Arrest of LGBTQ lawyer seen as 'politically motivated'
"In an appalling abuse of the legal system, Uganda plans to detain human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo through the Christmas holiday," said the chairman on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel.

A prominent human rights lawyer known for representing the LGBTQ community in Uganda was arrested on Tuesday, but critics say that charges against him are baseless and politically motivated.Nicholas Opiyo, whose Twitter bio describes him as a “crusading Ugandan human rights attorney,” is the executive director of Chapter Four Uganda, an organization that provides legal response to the abuse of civil rights of minorities.” Critics, however, say that the “case has all the markings of a targeted, malicious smear campaign aimed at punishing [Opyio] for his tireless human rights advocacy, and for speaking truth to the misuse of power,” according to Chapter Four Uganda.Since yesterday, the police have detained human rights lawyer @nickopiyo on politically motivated charges,” Rep.

” “We will join our partners in protecting and promoting human rights in Uganda and around the globe,” he added.“We must fight against any efforts to crucify [Opiyo] on the altar of evolving political circumstances because wherever human beings exist – so will inalienable human rights,” Angelo Izama, a board member of Chapter Four Uganda, said in a statement.

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