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Uganda: After Clash With Police, Injured Ugandan Opposition Politician's Bandages Move From Left to Right? No, Photo Flipped

On 14 December 2021, Ugandan police dispersed opposition supporters during by-election campaigns for the Kayunga district local council chairperson seat. Harriet Nakwedde, the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate, was caught in the melee. Her hand and the left side of her face were injured.

A Google search for news of the clash led us to a video by the established NTV Uganda TV channel, which shows Nakwedde with bandages on her left hand and the left side of her face.In all the photos, the bandages are on the left side of her face.com/sxApIwwnO4 -- Hon Nakweede Harriet kafeero (@NakweedeHarriet) December 14, 2021 In a reply to a widely retweeted tweet claiming the switch, a user posted another photo showing the bandages on the left.Her hand and the left side of her face were injured.

The next day, two photos appeared on Facebook and Twitter with the claim that the bandages on Nakwedde's face had moved from left to right - evidence that her injuries were a sham.But do the photos really show that Nakwedde's bandages swapped sides?

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