World Socialist Web Site 03 Apr, 2021 01:45 am

UAW isolates Columbia University strike, starves graduate students with poverty strike pay

The UAW is not a workers organization but an arm of corporate management that works to isolate and suppress all opposition to the policies of the ruling class.

Columbia University (CU) graduate student workers are now in the third week of their strike for increased wages, child care benefits, health benefits and against what they are calling “COVID-19 austerity measures.It is no secret that Columbia University is counting on the economic distress facing workers to force them to accept another concessionary contract.Many graduate students no doubt supported the UAW unionization efforts under the impression that the graduate workers would have the backing of autoworkers in their struggle against Columbia University.As the WSWS has previously reported, it speaks volumes about the close connections between the union and Columbia that the university’s interim provost, Ira Katznelson, is a former political strategist for the UAW.

In order for the Columbia strike to move forward, control cannot be left in the hands of the UAW, whose interests are directly tied to the same corporations and political establishment that control Columbia University.If the struggle at Columbia University is to succeed, it must develop into a broader industrial and political mobilization of the entire working class.

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