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U.S. guidelines advise against sweets for tots under 2

U.S. guidelines advise against sweets for tots under 2
They’re icing out tots — but not asking men to cut down further on booze.

xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> They’re icing tots out from sweets — but leaving booze advice untouched.Most Read The guidelines, released by the Agriculture Department and the Department of Health and Human Services in a dense 164-page document, play a quiet but notable role in American diets, factoring into school lunch standards and food stamp blueprints, and influencing the food industry.“Early food preferences influence food and beverage choices later,” Sonny Perdue, the agriculture secretary, and Alex Azar, the health and human services secretary, said in a joint message in the guidelines.But the guidance held a relaxed line when it came to parents, maintaining previous advice that adults should hold their sugar intake to under 10% of their diets and that men should keep to two alcoholic drinks per day.

) Earlier this year, a committee of advisers suggested stricter limits: A 6% sugar intake and a one-drink max for men.Children under the age of 2 should be kept away from foods with added sugar like cake, cookies and ice cream, according to federal guidelines released Tuesday.

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