HotAir 20 Jul, 2021 23:45 am

Twitter temporarily boots Marjorie Taylor Greene – HotAir

Twitter temporarily boots Marjorie Taylor Greene – HotAir
That was quick

The trend of people being dropped from social media platforms for peddling “misinformation” isn’t slowing down.According to the social media giant’s COVID-19 vaccine misinformation policy unveiled in March, 12-hour suspensions are doled out for second and third — Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) July 19, 2021 I’m sure this is just a total coincidence (/sarc), but does anyone recall Joe Biden saying that social media outlets were “killing people” and Jen Psaki admitting that the White House was flagging certain social media posts put out by people who shouldn’t be on social media?But when the White House begins “flagging” social media posts and exerting pressure on those companies to silence users, that sounds very much like a case of censorship.

Social media giants, with the help of the mainstream press and, now, the White House, are playing a game here.They’re saying that they want to eliminate “misinformation” on social media, but they get to pick and choose what does or doesn’t qualify as misinformation.

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