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True Crime: How NYC cops cracked a ghastly child murder

True Crime: How NYC cops cracked a ghastly child murder
Mrs. Delia Budd waved goodbye to her daughter from the kitchen window and watched the happy little girl walk away clutching the hand of their new family friend. It would be the last time she'd see her little Gracie alive.

Photo and description of Grace Budd, who was murdered by Albert Fish.Grace Budd’s strange disappearance was soon a huge national story, with NYPD investigators grilling every known pervert and pedophile they could find.A New York man named Charles Pope, 66, was arrested after his estranged wife turned him in, saying he had shown up at her home around the time of Grace Budd’s disappearance with a little girl.Supreme Court judges sue Office of Court Administration for en masse terminations p In June 1934, a random newspaper photo of two unidentified sailors enjoying shore leave in the city with two pretty young women had the city buzzing about Grace Budd again.

His name was Albert Fish, and he readily confessed to the kidnapping and ghastly murder of Grace Budd on June 3, 1928.Albert Fish is escorted from the White Plains courthouse after jury convicted him for first-degree murder of Grace Budd.

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