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Traditional "teaspoon" sweets of Greece--China Economic Net

Alternatively, a bowl of cold water and a little lemon juice can help the fruit stay firmer so they boil properly.You will need: 1 kg of quinces, 1 kg of sugar, 800 ml of water, juice of 1 lemon, (optionally) 1 sprig of rhizome or 2 cloves.Add the lemon juice and horseradish or clove just before the end for extra flavor and bring to a boil.The usual practice is to cut the fruit, removing pits where present, including the peel in most cases, and then boil them in equal amounts of water and sugar.

Then we boil the fruits or vegetables in water with sugar and when the sweet "sets" let it cool and serve.Before proceeding to boiling, we can leave our fruit overnight in the pot with the water and sugar.

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