gulftoday.ae 15 Sep, 2021 19:30 am

Tough but necessary

Tough but necessary
There is uproar over President Biden’s defiant new plan to get most Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 (“The war on virus turns into war on unvaccinated,” Sept. 15, Gulf Today).

It beats me how anti-vaxxers can keep insisting that inoculating themselves against the deadly virus tantamounts to trampling on their personal freedoms.In fact by not taking the jab, they are stealing the personal freedoms of others, especially those who are unable to get vaccinated due to health conditions.3 hours ago Joe Biden.Caroll Smith — By email Joe Biden Vaccinated American COVID-19 Plan US

The vaccine is not only a life saver but a proven measure against the spread of the deadly virus.If anything, their refusal amounts to trampling on common sense and the right to safety of fellow being.

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