11 Jan, 2021 11:30 am

Time For Investors To Worry About Netflix Stock?

Time For Investors To Worry About Netflix Stock?
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These successes by Disney+ came at the same time Netflix has been reporting  a slowdown in its subscriber growth.In the past, Netflix price hikes have led to a slowdown in subscriber growth, particularly in the more-mature U.Benchmark analyst Matthew Harrigan last week raised similar concerns in his note, warning that subscriber growth might slow in 2021: "Netflix's trading correlation with other prominent NASDAQ 100 and FAAMG names has now clearly broken down as 1) confidence in its streaming exceptionalism is fading somewhat even as 2) the stay-at-home trade may be "very 2020" even with some concern over how U.The company and its stock benefited from the stay-at-home environment, spurring demand for its streaming service.

Within a year of its launch, the DIS’s streaming service, Disney+, now has more than 80 million paid subscribers.As well, Comcast's (NASDAQ: CMCSA ) NBCUniversal is realigning its entertainment operations to give priority to its new Peacock streaming service.

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