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Tiananmen Square: The Massacre The Chinese Regime Tries To Erase

Tiananmen Square: The Massacre The Chinese Regime Tries To Erase
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Authored by Dorothy Li via The Epoch Times, Thirty-two years later, the Chinese communist regime still tries to repress the memory of the bloody massacre of June 4, censoring all mentions, detaining outspoken dissents, and keeping younger generations unaware of what actually happened that night.The reason is still unknown, Huang’s friend, surnamed Xie, told The Epoch Times in an interview, but he mentioned that the local authorities summoned Huang on the phone while he had tea with Huang on May 28.Another activist from southwestern Sichuan Province told The Epoch Times that the police came to his home on Thursday, warning him to be silent on June 4 and July 1, the ruling CCP’s anniversary day.An activist in Beijing, who also prefers not to disclose their name, told The Epoch Times that the local authorities informed him that he should travel to other cities on June 4 and July 1.

A student displays a banner with one of the slogans chanted by the crowd of some 200,000 pouring into Tiananmen Square in Beijing on April 22, 1989.(Catherine Henriette/AFP/Getty Images) Much of the world has been aware of the truth that the communist regime’s leader sent troops to quash the protesting students who called for a more open society at Tiananmen Square, the center of the capital Beijing, on June 4, 1989, resulting in the killing of thousands of Chinese students.

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