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Three things you need to know today

Three things you need to know today
Oil has seen a turbulent twelve months; the onset of the pandemic and the very ill-advised output increases early in 2020 saw the collapse of prices i

Investors previously considered the pros have begun moving into other asset classes to avoid the potential pressures of retail traders.Most retail traders are unable to get access to this market making a viable way of avoiding retail traders entirely while still conducting short side operations.She again pushed the theory that if the US enacts a large enough stimulus package that ‘maximum employment' could be achieved by 2022, but a miss on the size of the package would ultimately leave the US economy struggling for longer.I am inclined to agree with Former treasury Secretary Larry Summers who highlighted the issues of a large stimulus package in relation to inflation.

As much as a gigantic stimulus package sounds nice, $30 trillion of debt is hardly appealing, and neither are the prospects for developing another asset bubble or runaway inflation.RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange and derivatives trading carry a high level of risk.

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