World Socialist Web Site 20 Mar, 2021 02:45 am

Thousands of jobs at risk at Liberty Steel as trade unions and Labour put forward nationalist alliance with company

Liberty Steel workers must build their own organisations of struggle, independent of the unions, and based on a political programme which places their needs above the profits of the corporations and the interests of British imperialism.

Liberty Steel employs 35,000 workers at around 200 locations globally in Gupta family-owned operations.In the UK, Gupta owns Liberty Steel which operates 12 plants employing 3,000 and is the third largest steelmaker in the country.According to the BBC, Conservative Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng held an emergency meeting the day before the collapse of Greensill with the chief executive of Liberty Steel UK, John Ferriman.On March 12, the first bitter fruits of the cost control operation were revealed as Liberty Steel paused production at several sites.

In his discussions with Britain’s trade union bureaucracy at Liberty Steel, Gupta was speaking to partners.The three trade unions with members employed by Gupta—Community, Unite and GMB—described their meeting with him in a March 9 joint statement as "positive and constructive" as they fawned, “We recognise Mr Gupta's desire to see Liberty Steel succeed and recognise also his personal contribution in giving distressed UK steel assets a new lease of life.

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