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Thomas Shevlin, veteran Nassau cop, elected PBA president

Thomas Shevlin, veteran Nassau cop, elected PBA president
Nassau Police Officer Thomas Shevlin has been elected president of the Nassau Police Benevolent Association as the police union seeks a new labor agreement with incoming County Executive Bruce Blakema

"The contract, longevity, it’s a top priority," said Shevlin, referring to "longevity pay," which is additional compensation based on years of service." Shevlin, 45, said the previous leaders of the PBA had become too political and forgot the union's main mission — to be a voice for members."You can’t do things the old school way anymore," Shevlin said, adding that he plans to listen to officers' concerns instead of a top-down management style."The in-house fighting with the PBA, the fighting with all the other unions, the fighting with the commissioner, the fighting with the county executive, in my opinion, it was turning into a political party," said Shevlin.

"I want the community to realize police officers are human," Shevlin said."I went through my own struggles and difficulties personally and professionally years back," said Shevlin.

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