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This CMU professor is making math classes less dull. Meet Live

This CMU professor is making math classes less dull. Meet Live
Po-Shen Loh knows there are limits to Zoom instruction, so to make math classes more engaging, he created an interactive catalog of courses taught by some of the best math students in the country.

The benefit of this, Loh said, is that the instructors can engage with students and assist anyone not grasping the concepts being taught.“We have a new way of dynamically teaching where there’s two very smart, very interesting people doing improv comedy-style [instruction], and they turn math class into something that’s extremely lively,” Loh said.“They’re picking up skills, which are helping them win much, much more in life,”  Loh said.But in contrast with Kahn Academy or JensenMath, which features pre-recorded lessons, Live offers classes — well, live, via livestream.

” Since 2021, when Live was founded, it’s hired around 100 advanced high school math students from inside and outside of Pittsburgh to teach Live Classes.This can happen, he said, by making it a point to ask students how they think math problems should be solved, instead of just telling them.

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