18 Sep, 2020 04:15 am

There's a formula to writing a blockbuster White House insider account

First, leave. Ideally, be fired in a storm of tweets and a cloud of controversy. Second, deliver a killer new anecdote, preferably one that mixes proximity to power with mind-wilting triviality. Three, explain that mistakes were made, but not by you. Four, sit back and count the cash.

The art of the insider book deal has been perfected by a string of former White House officials amid an apparently insatiable demand from readers.They join an already expansive reading list that includes everyone from John Bolton, James Comey, and Anthony Scaramucci to Omarosa Newman , a contestant on The Apprentice who followed Trump to his campaign and then the White House.strong News, Donald Trump, White House, Books, John Bolton, Jim Mattis, Sarah Sanders Original Author: Rob Crilly Original Location: There's a formula to writing a blockbuster White House insider accountAdd that to a recent tell-all family history by his psychologist niece (not so much fired as losing out under the terms of a will) that sold 950,000 copies on its first day of publication, plus a slew of books by journalists, supporters, and assorted hangers-on, and the result is a surge in reading matter as the country enters a new chapter in the Trump story with the November election.

Even Comey’s rather dry affair A Higher Loyalty was an instant blockbuster, selling 600,000 copies in its first seven days.Even relatively unblemished figures such as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin “had no idea what he was talking about” on Syria, Nikki Haley was “untethered” at the United Nations, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s “axis of adults” failed to keep Trump in line and instead made the president suspicious and erratic in equal measure.

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