01 May, 2021 23:30 am

The young woman trying to adopt her friend

The young woman trying to adopt her friend
Arina hopes to formally adopt her friend Nina, whom she looked during the Covid pandemic.

The young woman trying to adopt her friend By Zlata Onufrieva and Kateryna Khinkulova BBC Russian Published About sharing Arina and Nina used to only meet once a week - at activities organised for the care home where Nina lived.Arina Muratova p image captionNina got a chance to regularly cook for herself for the first time But not for Nina, who has always lived in institutions, and moved when she was 18 to what, in Russia, is called a psycho-neurological care home.I had thought: "Oh no, I am going to be stuck in the care home.The care home looks after adults with a wide range of disorders, thought to relate to both cognitive disabilities and mental illness of varying severity.

Kirill Smirnov p image captionArina and Nina got to know each other through the charity Life Route which organises camps for the care home residents Nina's diagnosis remains confidential to everyone except her care home director.Kirill Smirnov p image captionNeither Nina nor Arina know why she was in a care home Nina was admitted to a home for disabled children when she was very young, before transferring to the PNI at 18.

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