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The surge of COVID-19 in Florida and the disastrous reality of school reopenings in the US

The surge of COVID-19 in Florida and the disastrous reality of school reopenings in the US
School superintendents for the largest districts in Florida recently described their reopenings last autumn as a “safe” model for the rest of the country, ignoring the fact that the state now leads the US in new cases among young people.

” The FEA response to school reopenings last summer was to file a lawsuit against DeSantis and the state, which served as a fig leaf to head off serious opposition among educators and parents to the homicidal return to schools.When the WSWS asked Broward County parents and educators what they thought about the reduced CDC guidelines, their responses were: “I think the students have never been 6 ft apart” and “Mine are about two feet apart, and more keep being added.The Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee calls on all Florida educators and parents to oppose the homicidal and unscientific policies of the State of Florida and fight to close all schools and nonessential workplaces while the population is safely vaccinated in order to save lives.Florida residents need to take this fight into their own hands and form a statewide committee to link up with other educators and parents across the country to prepare for a broader struggle to protect the lives of educators, parents, students and their communities on the basis of a scientific approach to the pandemic.

On March 9, an article was published by the NBC affiliate in south Florida featuring an interview with the superintendents of the Miami-Dade County and Broward County school districts, who spoke in glowing terms about their forced return of children and teachers to brick-and-mortar classrooms last autumn.Miami-Dade County and Broward County delayed their reopenings until October, because they have the highest number of residents in the state, and Miami was declared an epicenter for COVID-19 during the initial outbreak of the virus in March 2020.

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