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The radical right's takeover of the Supreme Court is complete

The radical right's takeover of the Supreme Court is complete
It's very hard to fathom why the right seems so determined to prolong the deadly COVID-19 pandemic but it's obvious that they are. From politicians banning mask requirements to media celebrities pushing disinformation about vaccines, there is no escaping the fact that Republicans and their allies si...

Not even the Supreme Court could set aside their partisan and ideological goals in the face of a calamitous crisis.political system, all the way up to the Supreme Court, work together to hobble efforts to contain the pandemic so they can blame their political rivals for failing to contain the pandemic.Apparently, the Supreme Court agrees that this makes sense, which is terrifying.The dissent by the three sane justices made clear how ludicrous the majority's decision was: What is remains unstated but has been really illuminated in all this is the larger agenda of this Supreme Court.

In fact, there's a whole school of thought devoted to the idea that not only is it unconstitutional for the federal agencies to enact regulations, but Congress also has no authority to delegate that task to them in the first place.Recently, he's been telling people that he's training 4,000 "shock troops" who will be ready on day one when Donald Trump is restored to the presidency to take over all the federal agencies to clean out the bureaucracies and take a wrecking ball to government regulations.

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