18 Sep, 2020 11:30 am

The Press Is Desperate For A Horse Race, And Voters Are The Ones Who Lose

Once venerated publications, like The New York Times, seems perfectly happy to put its thumb on the scale at the expense of accurate reporting.

Looking at Michigan, the Times marveled at how the crowds for Trump were so much larger than Biden’s, even though Biden has led in 29 of the last 30 Michigan polls taken this year.) NBC News took the unusual angle of suggesting that even though Trump trails in virtually every national poll taken this year, there’s still bad news for Biden because on the single issue of the economy Trump still leads, slightly.After acknowledging that Biden led in virtually every poll taken this year, and most key swing state polls, CNN stressed, "Biden may be favored, but this race is far from over.More excitement means a larger audience —the press wants a horse race because it’s way more entertaining.

) It’s hard to watch and read coverage like that and not assume the press is working overtime to create a better horse race.It’s okay for them to admit now that a thrilling horse race might never materialize.

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