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The Point: 'Ghost Guns' haunt some more than others

The Point: 'Ghost Guns' haunt some more than others
When Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder held a news conference Monday to highlight county gun confiscations, part of Blakeman’s purpose seemed to be setting u

But "ghost guns," untraceable weapons built from kits and sold without background checks or serial numbers, also played a role.And 10 of the weapons seized were "ghost guns," which are of particular interest right now.Chuck Lavine (D-Glen Cove) on the sale of ghost guns and the sale of any gun by New York gunsmiths that they’ve manufactured or assembled without a serial number.As long as ghost guns are legal anywhere, gun control advocates argue, they’ll be here.

Lee Zeldin, who opposes gun restrictions and is running for New York governor, disagrees with the state law, and any federal version.Zeldin wrote to The Point: "The bills signed into law by Governor Hochul last year provide increased scrutiny on firearms that are largely made by hobbyists and will do little to address violent crime in New York.

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