irishnews.com 26 Nov, 2021 01:30 am

The only metric of worth recognised in modern Britain is financial

Britain is unique among western democracies in terms of the power and influence ceded to foreign purchasers from the sale of UK silverware.

Its de facto new owner is Mohammed bin Salman who has been accused of approving the murder of a dissident journalist.We also have the unedifying spectacle of David Cameron on a private camping trip with the Crown Prince bin Salman as part of his vigorous lobbying on behalf of the failed finance firm Greensill Capital.Just as many of Britain’s leading companies and strategic industries have fallen into dubious foreign ownership so too have leading football clubs.When football clubs sell to unethical, foreign investors they are merely reflecting the practices of the UK state.

Newcastle FC is the latest to be sold, to Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.We should also consider Saudi Arabia’s ignominious record of bombing hospitals and schools in Yemen.

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