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The Next Great Radio Auction is Coming Very Soon

The Next Great Radio Auction is Coming Very Soon
Get ready for summer bargains, steals and deals.

Berkshire County's Great Radio Online Auction kicks off this Saturday morning at 7 a.Once again the auction is online for your convenience  Just like last time, we have teamed up with our parent company’s auction site, called Seize the Deal.The great part about this is, much like Ebay, you'll be able to enter the maximum bid at any time after the auction starts, and if someone outbids you, your bids will be placed in predetermined increments automatically, up until your maximum bid, or less if no one bids the item up.You can preview items right here.

You can preview the items by going here.We are still taking bids on the larger items, but just like previous auctions, this auction takes place over several days.

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