fxstreet.com 07 Feb, 2021 23:00 am

The loonie holds its own

The loonie holds its own
The Canadian dollar escaped the ramifications of a horrendous January employment report and finished the week nearly at par supported by higher oil pr

Canada's January Net Change in Employment was -212,8000, far worse than the -47,500 forecast or December's revised 68,200 loss, initially -62,800.In the US January Nonfarm payrolls rose 49,000 even with the 50,000 forecast but December was revised to -227,000 from -140,000 and November to 264,000 from 336,000, a loss of 159,000 jobs over the two months.7 missing the 60 forecast and December was revised to 60.7 in January from a 58 forecast and December score.

Wholesale Sales for December are forecast to rise 1% after a 0.6 in January, its highest in 19 months and December was revised to 51.

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