16 Mar, 2021 22:15 am

The Impossible Peter Oborne

The Impossible Peter Oborne
On the face of it, Peter Oborne is impossible. It’s not possible to be educated at Sherborne independent school, at Cambridge University, to work as political editor of the Spectator, as chief political commentator of The Daily Telegraph, as a journalist ...

’ In his searingly honest new book, ‘The Assault on Truth’, Oborne directs his fire at a very specific, crucial target: ‘I have never encountered a senior British politician who lies and fabricates so regularly, so shamelessly and so systematically as Boris Johnson.’ (Peter Oborne, ‘The Assault on Truth – Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Emergence of a New Moral Barbarism,’ Simon & Schuster, 2021, p.Oborne adds: ‘It has become all but impossible for an honest politician to survive, let alone flourish, in Boris Johnson’s government.“Many congratulations to Boris Johnson who has of course just been appointed Prime Minister,” enthused the paper when he entered 10 Downing Street.

79) An idea of the extent to which ‘The Assault on Truth’ would be allowed to exist could already be gleaned from the reaction to an article written by Oborne in October 2019 on ‘the way Boris Johnson was debauching Downing Street by using the power of his office to spread propaganda and fake news’.To recap, ‘The Assault on Truth’ makes two key claims: 1) Boris Johnson regularly, systematically and shamefully lies and fabricates, and 2) ‘A great deal of political journalism has become the putrid public face of a corrupt government.

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