The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News 22 Sep, 2020 04:15 am

The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsOpinion — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsOpinion — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News
The labor power of the newly freed black proletariat elevated the conquering Northern white supremacist from a national industrial champion and banker to a world champion of industries

Finally, racism and white supremacy responsible for black genocide are the ideological remnants of the socio-economic formation of slavery.This racist ruling class is globally responsible in the planning of black genocide as a strategic means in ensuring perpetual black servitude and under-development whether in the African continent or the numerous diasporas of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Belgium and others with the United States of America remaining the epicenter.The mode of implementation of black genocide has often varied with the location, time, social and geopolitical conditions.In Africa black servitude and under-development is also instituted by the same global strategy of black genocide but under different social and geopolitical conditions.

The renewed tactics of destabilization through the intra-continental and global manipulation of capital, labor, employment, religion, commodity prices, uneven wages, competition over markets, geopolitically engineered famine pitted against skin color, ethnicity, and race will continue to exacerbate towards their intended global dynamic of black genocide.Is the genocide from the Nigerian civil war whereby millions of black children perished from starvation, induced kwashiorkor not as a result of the western manipulation of investments by the oil multinational corporations, chiefly Shell, Mobil, Texaco and others, and the instigation of violence through the fabricated religious dynamic between the Northern Moslem population and the Christian South as western imperialism equipped both ethnic and religious groups with arms, indirectly sold through their Arab allies leading to the dynamic consequence of black genocide and the under-development of Nigeria?

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