thisdaylive.com 27 May, 2023 01:15 am

The Changing Face of an Old Market – THISDAYLIVE

Like the rising sun Abia State’s most popular market, the Ariaria International Market is emerging from the horizon with a new face.Their scepticism has given way to excited appreciation as the conceptualised new look Ariaria market is now taking shape.Okafor said that with the way the new Ariaria market was designed it would become a misnomer to call it a market.Basically, Ikpeazu wants Ariaria market to be truly international in its status by modernising the infrastructure and facilities in the market.

He said: “There’s no Abia State without Aba and there’s no Aba without Ariaria market.Ikpeazu had explained that part of the reason to reconstruct Ariaria market was to check the perennial flooding and the attendant loss of goods.

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