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The Brazil– Mozambique Ethanol Relationship (Chapter 5)

Brazil’s International Ethanol Strategy - February 2022

p p p p p p p p 1 Theoretical Framework 2 Methodology 3 Literature Review 4 The Brazil– US Ethanol Relationship 5 The Brazil– Mozambique Ethanol Relationship 6 Brazil’s Multilateral Ethanol Diplomacy 7 Summary and Outlook p p p Get access Summary Introduction Mozambique is one of Brazil's closest partners in Africa.Brazil's total investment in Mozambique was 10 billion USD, which made Mozambique Brazil's most important investment partner worldwide (Frey 2016).These cases are the 2007 Brazil and Mozambique biofuels memorandum of understanding (MoU) and the ProSavana project, a trinational development project between Brazil, Mozambique and Japan.Background Mozambique and Brazil have a very close relationship; the Brazilian embassy in Maputo opened immediately after the establishment of diplomatic relations, which was not the case in many other countries as opening embassies is associated with high costs, and that is something Brazil tried to save money on throughout 20th century.

The chapter concludes with an assessment of Brazil's ethanol diplomacy through a Neoclassical Realist lens.The two countries have had diplomatic relations since 1975, right after the African country's independence from Portugal, with a Brazilian embassy opening in 1976.

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