World Socialist Web Site 25 Mar, 2021 05:45 am

The Bangladesh refugee camp inferno and capitalism’s global war on migrants

The Bangladesh refugee camp inferno and capitalism’s global war on migrants
The responsibility for Monday’s terrible fire rests not just with the ruling elites in Bangladesh and Myanmar, but with the ruling classes around the world, who have shut their borders and vilified immigrants.

The horrific fire that swept through the massive Cox’s Bazar refugee camps in Bangladesh on Monday constitutes an indictment not only of the Bangladeshi authorities, but of capitalist governments around the world.After attempting to block them from entering the country, then detaining them in shocking conditions in the Cox’s Bazar camps, it is now seeking to force them into permanent accommodation on Bhasan Char Island, an isolated, unstable, flood- and cyclone-prone mud flat, or compel them to return to Myanmar, with no guarantees for their safety.Not surprisingly, the blaze that swept through the Cox’s Bazar detention camps has been all but ignored in the US and international media.From South Asia and Australia to Europe and the United States, governments, whether nominally “left” or openly right-wing, have subjected tens of millions of desperate and impoverished people fleeing oppression and poverty to barbaric persecution.

The Rohingya are part of the surging tide of humanity forced to flee war, oppression and poverty produced by the deepening crisis of global capitalism.The Biden administration is just as intent as was Trump in blocking the entry of refugees fleeing oppression and poverty in Latin America produced by more than a century of plunder by US imperialism.

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