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The Atlanta police exodus continues apace – HotAir

The Atlanta police exodus continues apace – HotAir
Hitting the road in large numbers

Hearing stories about police departments across the United States hemorrhaging officers has been all too common over the past couple of years.A June survey of nearly 200 departments by the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit Washington-based think tank, showed a 45% increase in the retirement rates and an 18% increase in resignations across the board in 2020-2021 compared to the previous year.” Not only do police departments face challenges retaining officers, but they have also had a hard time pulling in new recruits.I predict that this will only end when enough people in major cities grow fed up with the crime and the danger and begin electing officials who will promise to expand their police departments and start seriously cracking down on the gangs and bad actors.

But now he has watched the leadership of the department and the city throw his fellow officers “under the bus,” when they were following orders from their superiors.He said his fellow officers “have NO backing from your command staff.

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