The College Fix 04 Jan, 2021 05:30 am

The academy’s anti-conservatism: two case studies

The academy’s anti-conservatism: two case studies
Conservatives and conservatism are generally discouraged in the academy.

For one of us, Towson University Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Richard Vatz, the experience centers primarily on the National Communication Association.That situation, which took place in 2019, left Vatz without a venue to defend himself among his peers and the National Communication Association without a discussion forum for communication among its members.So much for freedom of speech in the National Communication Association.The National Communication Association’s political communication division also put out a statement in July 2020 formally in support of Black Lives Matter.

He served on Towson’s Academic Senate for over 40 years, the university’s longest serving member, and has served many terms on the National Communication Association’s main legislative body.A second case study centers on the experiences of Jeffrey Schaler, a retired professor at American University’s School of Public Affairs.

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