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The 38 Best BBC Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

The 38 Best BBC Podcasts To Listen To Right Now
From George the Poet's boundary-breaking pod to a Shipping Forecast remix

LISTEN - If you've never really been into radio drama, this might be the radio drama for you.Then again, so are a lot of the other norms of radio drama.The drama segments occasionally tip into radio drama hamminess but do summon up the surreality of Sorokin's invented life story and the factual segments adroitly pull together bits and pieces from the vast amount of reportage the story drew across the world.His current set-up must be groaning under the weight of the gongs his podcast has earned him - four gold awards and two silvers at the 2019 British Podcast Awards, plus Podcast of the Year - and the second series has kept the quality up.

LISTEN Another mystery podcast returning for a second series, The Missing Cryptoqueen was a huge hit when it arrived last year.LISTEN - A second series of the celebratory, revelatory, myth-busting Ramadan podcast is here, and hosts Yasser, Zayna and Shehzaad have returned to document the inherent weirdness of trying to observe the holiest month of the year while in lockdown.

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