20 Sep, 2020 16:30 am

Thailand's anti-government protests explained

Thailand's anti-government protests explained
Protesters have 10 demands for the monarchy, including throwing out a defamation law that shields the royal family

Protesters say the whole process was a stitch-up and are calling for parliament to be dissolved, the constitution rewritten and an end to the harassment they are facing.Many protesters say the move against the Future Forward Party was politically motivated.The former army chief led a coup in 2014 and kept the kingdom under military rule for five years.The online campaign spilled offline mid-July and a wave of protests across the country began, with up to 30,000 turning out this weekend at the biggest rally since the 2014 coup.

Tens of thousands have turned out this weekend for a show of force in Bangkok, defying warnings from the premier that the nation could be "engulfed in flames" if they push too far.Prayut has said Thailand would be "engulfed in flames" if the students push too hard, though he vowed "softer measures" against the weekend´s protesters.

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