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Teenager chooses less beaten path making artefacts

Teenager chooses less beaten path making artefacts
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“It is scary some days to think I’m choosing a path that is deemed not secure by society,” said Mr Ndlovu.Mr Ndlovu said he did not go to any art and craft school or study what he is doing, it is just a God given talent he recently discovered and he intends to do more with it and become a great figure in the art and craft industry.Mr Ndlovu said he is working towards having a standard workshop with everything he requires for him to be able to work easier and express his ideas well.“I try to stay true to what I truly want and be confident in it even though I am and will most probably face resistance,” said Mr Ndlovu.

While some of his age mates are lost on what to do next with their lives after high school, Mr Ndlovu decided to establish his name in the craft industry.He did his Ordinary Level at Milton High School where he did well and progressed to Advanced Level at Speciss College last year.

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