The Examiner 23 Dec, 2020 22:00 am

Ted Stillwell Ozarks

Ted Stillwell Ozarks
My parents took us kids and headed for the Ozarks at least a couple of times every summer. We always pitched a tent in some campground along the way.

I’ve canoed on the Current River and the Elk River, and I’ve visited all of the caves, the Shut-ins, Elephant Rocks, Bagnell Dam, Powersite Dam, and of course, Branson and many of those thousands of small towns scattered all across the Ozark hills.Small towns open like flowers, unfolding from out-of-the-way places to reveal a kind of beauty and harmony not found in the cities.” In small towns you can hear the sound of a screen door opening, the sound of a broom sweeping the sidewalk, the sound of porch swings in the evening.The sights and sounds blend into something that is more than the things seen or heard, something you can walk into and know that small towns hold a quiet joy.

But something that does seem unusual to me is when it comes to putting my shoes on, I always put the left shoe on first, then the right shoe, then I go back and tie my left shoe, and then my right.We have been to Big Springs, Round Springs, Meramec, Bennett Spring and Alley Springs.

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