World Socialist Web Site 06 Apr, 2021 08:45 am

Teamsters union sells out Keurig/Dr Pepper/Seven-Up strike in Detroit

Teamsters Local 337 has ended the strike of roughly 90 warehouse and delivery workers at the Keurig/Dr Pepper/Seven-Up Bottling Co (KDS) distribution facility in Redford, Michigan after 22 days, with none of the basic issues having been resolved.

KDS management and the Teamsters agreed to cap non-certified drivers at 25 percent of the workforce, and they would not hire any more non-certified drivers until 2023.“We don’t want [non-certified drivers],” one worker told the WSWS last month.The stunt by the congresspeople represents their fear of the growing anger in the working class.The latest sellout by the Teamsters shows the need for workers to organize themselves independently of the union bureaucracy in order to oppose their betrayals and appeal for the broadest possible unity within the working class.

The use of a multi-tiered wage structure has been pioneered in recent years in the auto industry as a means of slashing wages while attempting to pit newer hires against older "legacy workers.It was Dingell’s late husband and predecessor John Dingell who played a key role with the Obama administration’s restructuring of the auto industry, supported by the United Auto Workers union in slashing wages for new hires.

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