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Systematic incitement plan in Maharashtra

Systematic incitement plan in Maharashtra
Recurring communal incidents over the last six months in Nashik, with three places reporting clashes within 48 hours across different regions in Maharashtra, portend a disturbing pattern of using religion to fuel political interests

A video of the Sayyad family standing outside the main gate of the temple went viral.Sayyad and his family observe symbolises the mutual respect between communities in the temple town of Trimbakeshwar, which has a total population of barely 15,000, with 250 to 300 Muslims.He, along with three others — Aqeel Yusuf Sayyad, Salman Aqeel Sayyad, and Matin Raju Sayyad — all family members, are facing criminal charges under Section 295 (injuring or defiling a place of worship with intent to insult a religion) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), following a complaint by the temple authorities.Police were deployed at the dargah with the Sayyad family’s home within the compound.

Sayyad and his family say that they will cooperate with the investigation and are not worried as the practice has been passed down many generations, the current trustees of the temple, appointed in 2018, held a battery of meetings before lodging a complaint with the police.“We know them [the Sayyad family] for several years now, but we have never seen such a custom.

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