18 Sep, 2020 09:15 am

Sweden Claims Its High Coronavirus Death Toll Is Down to Mild Flu Seasons in Recent Years

Norway's state epidemiologist questioned the idea put forward by his Swedish counterpart Anders Tegnell.

No, Forland described the recent flu seasons in Norway and Sweden as "rather mild.Forland said Norway and Sweden had both had a relative lack of success at preventing the virus from spreading in elderly care homes, making up about 60 percent of deaths in each country.Forland told Dagens Nyheter that deaths from the flu in Norway and Sweden were not that different.The 2018 to 2019 flu season in Sweden had periods of low and medium levels of intensity, as did Norway.

In 2017/2018, Sweden had low, medium, and high levels of intensity, whereas Norway had low and medium." He said: "What people are now seeing is that countries which have a rather low death rate from flu over the past two to three years have a very high excess mortality from COVID -19, while those that have had a high flu death rate, like Norway, over the past two winters, have a low COVID death rate.

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