21 Sep, 2020 16:15 am

Suspects escape arrest by fleeing from court

Suspects escape arrest by fleeing from court
A suspect had alleged that the IO had taken Rs100,000 from the two suspects to influence the case in their favour

Junaid and Waqas, the two men who have been booked in the case, can be seen in a video running out of the court, the former wearing handcuffs as he ran.Addressing a press conference, Syed Asif Ali Shah said Junaid and Waqas worked with doctors to have the medico-legal officer (MLO) changed when her daughter's body was sent to the hospital."Waqas and Junaid, in collaboration with the doctors, had the MLO replaced.Meanwhile, Dr Maha's father had accused the suspects of getting his daughter "addicted to drugs", adding that the two will be able to flee the country similar to the way they had managed to escape from the court premises.

Then Junaid arrived," Dr Maha's father added.Pakistan Mon, Sep 21, 2020 Dr Maha Ali.

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