23 Feb, 2021 23:45 am

Supermarkets in U.S. Texas back to normal operation after winter storm - Xinhua

23 (Xinhua) -- Food supplies have been restored in the U.In most of the supermarkets in Texas' big cities such as Houston and Dallas, food supplies are restored with shelves full of fresh produce, dairy and meat.state of Texas as most supermarkets operate normally on Tuesday after a devastating winter storm.The supply chains of grocery stores were heavily impacted during last week's winter storm as many roads in Texas were blocked due to ice and snow.

In Houston, supermarket chains H-E-B and Kroger announced that the stores are returning to normal operating hours, both of which have also returned to pickup and delivery services, as slots are available."We ask that people buy only what they need and to leave some for their fellow Texans," said the statement.

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