Newsday newsday.com 24 Nov, 2021 17:30 am

Sunny, breezy with high of 45, National Weather Service says

Wednesday’s sunshine, gusty breezes hitting 20 mph, and a morning wind chill of 20 to 30 degrees will give way to a somewhat warmer afternoon, with a high 45. And Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day holiday w

, the National Weather Service said.Temperatures, rising to the mid-40s today, will descend to about freezing or below tonight, according to the weather service.Today’s sunshine results from a cloud-clearing high pressure system – that also could prove fleeting due to an "approaching cold front," the weather service said.Cold fronts can bring rain as they lift warm air ahead of them, increasing the chance of rain after midnight Thursday into Friday morning, the weather service said.

On the water, gusts could reach gale definitions, possibly hitting 54 mph, the weather service said.Over the weekend, the jet stream will help push a trough, or a rain-creating low pressure system, into the mid-Atlantic area, with another such pattern developing south of the metropolitan region, the weather service explained.

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