The Daily Orange 22 Sep, 2020 03:30 am

SU alumnus, doctoral student debut short film ‘Homegoing’

Daniel said the story portrays a day in the life of a young, queer Black man in a suburban community.I really just wanted to offer or portray kind of what the complete portrait of what Black men in America experience,” Daniel said.Daniel said that Black funeral homes are not just people coming in to bury their loved ones.“These families are really pivotal pieces and parts of the community and the fabric of the community, and they’re really there to help support the families and help them through the grieving process,” Daniel said.

The film crew utilized two Syracuse funeral homes without charge and created strong relationships with the family-owned businesses, Daniel said.” Depicting Black lives was also a priority for “Homegoing,” Starling-Davis said, and he and Daniel wanted to portray what it was like living as a Black man in society.

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