16 Mar, 2021 23:30 am

Students’ Stereotyped View Of Ability Limiting Future Careers

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While most male students enjoyed PE, male students who are Māori, Pasifika or lower socioeconomic status (SES) Pākeha were much more likely to assume they would go into physical careers.Female students who were Māori, Pasifika or Pākeha from low SES families had gender-dependent aspirations, citing preferences for service jobs such as beautician or air hostess.“Many of our most nationally celebrated Māori and Pasifika men are known for sport.But we need to be careful not to slide into the assumption that Māori and Pasifika boys won’t be interested in or have ‘ability’ in academic learning.

“To illustrate the combined effect of ethnicity and SES, high-SES Pākeha boys were about five times less likely than low-SES Māori or low-SES Pasifika boys to aspire to a trade job, and half as likely to aspire to any stereotypically ‘physical’ job, including professional sport, trades, and military careers,” Dr Pomeroy says.High-SES Pākeha boys were also more than twice as likely as low-SES Māori and low-SES Pasifika boys to aspire to a ‘professional’ job.

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