World Socialist Web Site 17 Mar, 2021 07:30 am

Stop Stellantis and UAW’s conspiracy to abolish the 8-hour day!

Stop Stellantis and UAW’s conspiracy to abolish the 8-hour day!
The Sterling Heights Assembly Rank-and-File Safety Committee calls on autoworkers to oppose the impending imposition of a 12-hour 7-day (12/7) work rotation at the plant.

We call for the rescinding of the 12/7 schedule and the reinstatement of the principle of the eight-hour day for all workers, the payment of time and one-half after eight hours and for Saturday work.The imposition of the 12/7 schedule is aimed at ramping up production even as the pandemic continues.The 12/7 schedule also contains multiple violations of our Local 1700 contract which states that with regard to daily overtime, employees will not be required to work more than 10 hours per day and that overtime work on Sunday shall be voluntary.Their only response to the 12/7 schedule, as of every other abuse of workers by management, is “oh yeah, they can do that.

We call for the widest discussion among autoworkers of a campaign to rescind the 12/7 schedule and the expansion of rank-and-file safety committees to all the auto factories in the Detroit area and beyond.The defeat of the 12/7 schedule will not come through appeals to management, the establishment news media or the corrupt UAW, which has demonstrated it does not stand for us.

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