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Staying healthy with diabetes

Staying healthy with diabetes
Living with diabetes demands that you have the right information, alongside your diet and lifestyle changes; be it in the form of education, self-awareness or daily monitoring, that is, knowing your numbers (blood sugar level).

Know your blood glucose number: Your blood glucose level is the measure of the amount of glucose in your blood at a particular time.Two blood glucose tests—fasting blood glucose and random blood glucose tests—can be done to monitor the levels of glucose in the blood.The random blood glucose level can be checked at any time, while the fasting blood glucose level is recommended to be checked before 10am and is best checked first thing in the morning.Some recommended times to check your blood glucose levels include immediately you wake up/early in the morning (between 6am and 8am); before a meal; two hours after a meal and before bedtime.

For people living with diabetes, the target is that their fasting blood glucose falls between 80-120mg/dl.The more glucose there is in the blood, the more glucose that will be available to attach to haemoglobin.

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