Stars and Stripes 30 Dec, 2020 18:30 am

Stars and Stripes looks back at Afghanistan in 2020

Stars and Stripes looks back at Afghanistan in 2020
For American troops in Afghanistan, 2020 was marked by coronavirus-disrupted deployments, the signing of a deal with the Taliban, and the start of the U.S. withdrawal from a country where service members have fought for more than 19 years.

troop pullout has been completed – something that, under the February deal, is supposed to happen by May.The strikes, which targeted Taliban fighters who were attacking Afghan security forces, did not violate the February deal with the Taliban, a U.strongThe Taliban retain close ties to al-Qaida, despite assuring in the February deal that they would disavow the terrorist group in exchange for a withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, a Defense Department report to Congress says.The airstrikes are in line with the conditions of the February deal, in which the U.

special operations troops and an Afghan soldier are killed in an insider attack in Nangarhar province.13: Afghan security forces resume operations against the Taliban after attacks on a maternity ward in a Kabul hospital and a funeral in Nangarhar province claim the lives of at least 40 people.

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